Short Bio

Ranko Bon writes and paints. He has published several collections from his Residua: Residua I-XX: Selections (London: The Hereford Salon, 1996), Belgrade Postcards (Belgrade: Vračarski Breg, 2002), Istrian Postcards (Belgrade: Vračarski Breg, 2003), Toward a Short History of Motovun (Munich: Elisabeth Sandmann Verlag, 2010), and What is to Be Done? (Belgrade: HESPERIAedu, 2014). In addition, he has published in several art and literary journals: Inventory (1996-1997), Flash Art (1998-1999), Butterfly (1999), Statement Art (1999), Tank (2000), Another Magazine (2001), The Jackdaw (2001-2010), and Gazet (2002-2003).

He has exhibited at the Hereford Salon in London (1994-1999), Norwich Gallery in Norwich, England (1998), Made to Measure Gallery in London (2000-2001), Abbot’s Walk Gallery in Reading, Berkshire (2001-2003), Ca’ Bon Gallery in Motovun, Istria (2003-present), Five Towers Gallery in Motovun (2004-2005), Open Space, Zentrum für Kunstprojekte in Vienna (2010), and Calvert 22 Gallery in London (2011).

He holds a Diplomate Engineer in Architecture degree from Belgrade University (1969), a Master’s in City Planning from Harvard (1972), and a Ph.D. in Urban Studies and Planning from MIT (1975). He has worked in the Urban Planning Institute of Slovenia in Ljubljana (1975-1979) before teaching at MIT (1979), the University of Massachusetts in Boston (1979-1980), Northeastern University (1980-1983), MIT (1983-1990), and the University of Reading (1990-2003), where he is emeritus professor. He lives in Motovun since leaving teaching and research in 2003.