“TIME’S UP!” (June 30, 2009)

Thus the title of a book I just bought.  Published earlier this year by Green Books in Foxhole, Dartington, United Kingdom, it was written by Keith Farnish, who founded the Earth Blog (www.theearthblog.org) in 2006. He bills himself as an environmental writer, philosopher, and activist. A kindred soul, in short.  At any rate, I feel kind of grateful to him, for I have had such a hard time buying a book, any book, for such a long time. Nothing grabs me any longer. And this particular book broke the spell on account of its pithy title. Indeed, fellow humans, time is up! From now on, it is a matter of bare survival. Oh, I forgot to mention the book’s subtitle: “An Uncivilized Solution to a Global Crisis.” A kindred soul, no doubt whatsoever.